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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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buildings ... as firefighte battle a five-alarm fire. good evening, i'm juliette we have breaking news in san francisco. evacuations from several buildings as firefighters battle a five alarm fire. good evening. kpix5's reporter emily turner is live at the scene at 29th and mission with the latest. >> reporter: at this point, we are told the fire is not even close to being contained. behind me, you can see the active scene going on. they have 156 men and women on the ground right now trying to fight this fire. it is such a big deal in fact that the mayor was just on the scene taking a tour of what is going on. right now it is burning so hot that firefighters are not even inside the building. they have been told to get out of the building. they are putting as much water on it from the outside that
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they can. we do know nobody was inside the building and no one has been injured at this point. so far, so good as far as that goes. we know there are six postings -- buildings involved. they don't know how it started. but they know it is burning really hot. they are in the process of trying to get it out so they can get inside and figure that out. police had to pull several people outside of the buildings before firefighters even got here. important information for those of you in this area or who have loved ones in the area. the 33 up to 33 -- hundred block is being evacuated. everyone is being asked to go to the bank of america building admission. they are that -- that is where the red cross is. if you live within a five block radius of the fire, you are being asked to shelter in place because of the smoke. the smoke is causing major concerns across the city. >> there is pain. there are chemicals.
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all that stuff -- it is a definite concern for us as firefighters and for you out of the community. and secondly, the smoke going to the city with the fire as well. been -- >> the hospital is in the past what -- pathway of the smoke. a hardware store is one of the places burning. that is why there are chemicals. we will be live again here at 6:00 on the scene with the latest. back to you. this photo from a viewer gives us another look at the size of the fire. you can see the extent of the smoke. and a look at the flames. and emily will have a live report in an hour on kpix5 news at 6:00. in the east bay, a revolving door at the top of the oakland police department is him on this is among multiple scandals. people are troubled by the turmoil. >> i'm here to run a police
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department. not a frat house. >> the mayor is clearly frustrated. but what about the people? >> are you embarrassed? >> terribly embarrassed. i have friends from chicago saying, what is going on? i don't know what to say. >> it is a shocking. >> three sheets in one week. now there is no cheap. and three major scandals rocking the police department. from sexual misconduct to mishandling of confidential homicide report, to racist text messages. >> it is putting a bad name on the city. >> it is despicable. it is a disgrace. it does not speak to the character of oakland. >> mayor libby schaaf says a group of black officers send racist messages to each other. internal affairs placed one officer on leave. >> it is weird for a block officer to send it to another block officer. i don't think it is funny. >> they broke the law.
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>> the mayor says it is more about just getting rid of a few bad apples. she is trying to change the culture and regain people's trust. >> to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. >> i hope that we don't miss the opportunity. >> the city administrator has taken over the police department until they can find a permanent chief. they say the investigation should be done in a week or two over the racist text messages. kpix5 news. >> the oakland police officers association released a statement about the scandal. reading "this is not what the vast majority of those wearing the blue uniform think or how they conduct personal and professional -- professional lives. in chp, a single car accident early this morning. police say the driver hit a tree on the median on wildfire
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drive after midnight. the driver died at the scene. the passengers were taken to the hospital to be treated for non- life-threatening injuries. a final farewell underway for several of the victims of the orlando massacre. which claimed 49 lives nearly one week ago. we report from orlando. >> 21-year-old cory connell did not live to see his dream of becoming a firefighter come true. on saturday, the mayor of orange county for that declared him an honorary one -- at his funeral. >> been -- i want you to know the whole community is grieving. >> he was one of many people that a service was going on for over the weekend after the nightclub shooting. this rippled across puerto rico too. nearly half of the 49 victims were puerto rican including angel putra, who moved to florida in february. >> god has a new angel.
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>> outside several of the funeral services here in orlando, community members and even strangers filled the streets to show support. >> volunteers made and wore 11 massive angel wings to shield people from protesters. >> today we got a chance to give support to those that are falling. for those that are grieving. and in and to say that loveland. >> more funerals are planned in the coming days. the community vows to remain orlando strong. cbs news, orlando, florida. donald trump was in the southwest today. he reacted as someone disrupted his raleigh. >> who is that guy? a friend or foe? get him out of here, please. >> during the rally, and --
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he talked about a little movement coming from people who have been badly defeated. donald trump said it would be helpful if republicans could unite behind him. >> outside another rally in phoenix, trump opponents use megaphones to shout down a supporter in that area. >> there was no physical confrontation. tomorrow donald trump is scheduled to appear on the cbs program, face the nation. hillary clinton and the democratic party are spending big money on campaign ads to attack donald trump. over the next six weeks, they are investing $40 million on commercials in states like ohio, florida and nevada. it comes down to game seven between the warriors and the cavaliers. it is the hottest ticket in town. we're live in oakland to see
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what people are willing to shell out for the final showdown. >> reporter: just the phrase game seven means so much to a sports fan. conjures up so many images. we have that every generation -- the giants in the 60s. the oakland a's in the 70s. we have the super bowl here with the 49ers. this is the biggest game for a lot of people ever in the bay area. and they are paying for it. >> chairs come in all shapes and sizes. how about this one. one like it will cost you. >> it is a comfy chair. not the most plush piece of furniture you have ever scene. it is $50,000. you are not paying for the chair. you are paying for the view. >> two of the seats and one for thousand dollars each. >> it turns out it is the highest ticket ever sold on stubhub. >> stubhub says that is the most this century.
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>> what can they get for that kind of money? how about a new car. has a radio, heater, vinyl roof -- for about $100,000. >> what we hear from fans is that it is so much more about the experience than what they pay. this has the potential to be a historic day. >> do you want to pay more? you can. >> one ticket is posted for $214,000 each. i don't know if anyone will buy those. but i have seen that. >> they say that is on took it -- tickets go as low as $747. but he says to be where a bogus tickets. >> we get about 40, 50 fraudulent tickets per game. >> you can't get bogus tickets on and don't put your tickets on social media or on tv. for the last game of the season, i showed this ticket and apparently someone copied the barcode, made a fake ticket
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and got into the game before my friend dead. she had a lot of explaining to do. >> she did some fast talking and got in the game. it is not necessarily the fact that you will get into the game. if you're looking for last- minute father's day gifts, you know what to do. the game is 5:00 tomorrow. the a's are playing here too. you want to get here early. you don't want to miss the first couple of minutes when you are paying -- whatever you are paying. >> we will be in these seats right here. >> not watching the game. >> so if you are thinking of a father's day gift -- >> do you have any ideas about those tickets? >> i do not. i asked a lot of people. and i don't know. somebody very well off. >> absolutely. >> game seven. it is on. thank you. new details coming out on
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a wildfire threatening hundreds of homes in southern california. how firefighters are making progress. >> and the message from the parents of the toddler killed by an alligator at disney world resort. what they want the public to know. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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toddler killed by an alligar at walt disney world in flo, are overwhelmed by the amouf ort they have re the parents of the toddler killed by an alligator at walt disney world in florida are overwhelmed by the motto for -- amount of support they have received. mass and melissa graves said they appreciate the support from people around the country. they are also asking for privacy as they lay their son to rest. an alligator snatched their 2- year-old son lane graves as he was in the water outside of a disney hotel tuesday. a raging wildfire threatening hundreds of homes in santa barbara is 45% contained. the sherpa fire has burned more
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than 278 square miles. firefighters were able to make some progress last night. at this point, no homes were damaged. about 270 are at risk. former first daughter chelsea clinton has a new addition to her family. she announced she has given birth to her second child, son eight aidan. clinton and her husband already have a 20 -month-old daughter named charlotte. that makes two grandchildren for chelsea's parents bill and hillary clinton. chelsea said, mark and i are overwhelmed as we celebrate the birth of our son. still ahead, president obama and his family are taking in a site at yosemite this again for us. how the president is using the trip to address a major policy issue. and the heat is on in the bay area. the forecast coming up after
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the break.
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his wife and daughters. as
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five's anne makovec reports. he's using part of that viso point out the effects of cle change. this weekend, president obama is at yosemite national park with his wife and daughters. he is using part of that visit to point out the effects of climate change. and. >> nothing can interrupt the quiet of a peaceful place like a visit from the president of the united states. >> there is something sacred about this place. >> president obama, his wife michelle and their daughters touched down in air force one last night and spent the night in yosemite. >> the park that captures the wonder of the world. >> and he used the park's bridge as a backdrop for a speech on climate change. >> the biggest challenge we are going to face in protecting this place and places like it, is climate change. make no mistake, climate change is no longer just a threat. it is a reality. >> the president said that the meadows are drying out.
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he also mentioned longer dangerous, more expensive wildfire seasons raging across the west. and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the national park system, he said that it pays for all of us to support them. >> these parks help to drive the national outdoor industries. mountain bikes and snowmobiles. >> the president's family took brief hikes before and after the speech. kpix5. >> the first family will say one more night at the national park before going back to washington tomorrow. dozens of volunteers joined a san francisco lawmaker for a summer spruce up. mark ferrell and the volunteers cleaned up tree basins at the marina district and russian hill. they also picked up litter and power washed a schoolyard. today's event was part of a series called "community clean team". >> not a bad day for that. plenty of sunshine around the area. it will be a little hot to do that tomorrow and monday.
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we have fair skies being reported around the bay area right now. temperatures still warm as we look toward the bay bridge. and here are the numbers. san francisco, nice and mild, 67. and santa fe, 75 degrees. not bad for a finish to the saturday evening. father's day looks cool by the coast. low 90s and the warmer spots and when. everyone else, in between. we will have a specific number for you in a moment. mid-50s tonight. the sun coming up tomorrow morning at 13 minutes before 6:00 a.m. down south, it will be sweltering. excessive heat warning is posted for numbers well over 100 degrees in much of the desert southwest. and here is what is happening. mass of high pressure over the border between arizona and new mexico -- is pushing the low- pressure up into the pacific northwest and offshore. not much of a factor in our weather. as you can see, this is the futurecast model of how the
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atmosphere should look tomorrow morning. nothing in the way of clouds. some high clouds come from down south. because they are rotating on the western side of that high and getting pushed to the north. from time to time, we will have clouds tomorrow. after sunset tomorrow night and then monday through noon. high clouds from time to time. and if the gym for the fair. 92 degrees. -- a nice weekend, for the fair. tomorrow, sunny and 70 degrees for that even. highs reaching mid-90s buy and monday. oakland, 78. mid to upper 80s for the south bay. east bay, low 90s for the most part sunday. the north bay, will range from the 60s at the shoreline, to the 80s inland. and 80s will do it out to clear lake. the extended forecast calls for the heat to increase.
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sunday, monday and tuesday. we will be in the mid-90s. before getting a little bit of a break thursday -- wednesday and thursday. keeping a there next weekend. it looks nice, sunny and it does look hot. >> thank you. not as hot as my yoga class. >> coming up, the final say before nba finals game seven. guess who is the hottest team in baseball. and look who was on display in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:25 pm odds makers say dubs. ...a road team has woa nba finals up top. came seven for the warriors and cavaliers. so many storylines here. a road team has only one -- won a game seven a few times. do you know what stephen curry once? perfection. >> i need to play my best game. because of what the stakes are. that does not mean, score 50 points. >> not much went right for stephen curry in game six. ejected for the first time in his career. after a foul. his wife tweeted that this series was rigged. stephen curry got a $25,000 fine. addressing the pressure cooker issue. >> early in my career --
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i'm like, don't pick up the morning paper and you can avoid all that stuff. now it is pretty hard to avoid the scrutiny and the criticism. don't have a cell phone -- i don't think that works anymore. >> we had conversations about what happened. other than that, it doesn't take any spotlight off of what my job is on the floor. i might have to cut the lights off at my house. >> good line. anybody with back pain can relate to this. he says he plans to play in game seven. did not track -- did not practice with the team today. instead, looking to get treatment. he is not expected to be on any minutes restriction either. >> cleveland fans have waited a long time for a major championship of any kind. 1954 -- cleveland browns
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featuring jim brown -- that is 52 years. he has to be what -- are ready? twenty-nine? >> anyway, lebron james clearly is tired of hearing about it. >> you asked me the question. you know the answers. we take care of business. we win. something we have not had in a long time. that is the obvious. you don't need me to talk about it. >> baseball. check who is back in the day. first start since last june. strange to see tim lincecum not in a giants uniform. starting for the angels against the a's. first inning, textbook tammy. the offspeed stuff -- ending the inning. mike trout greeting with a fourth inning solo blast to tie the game. done after three innings. 5-1 angels in the sixth. billy burns -- does he make the plot -- the highlights?
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does he? no. so close. two runs scored. angels leading 7-1. tim lincecum had good defense. a double play here. tim lincecum picks up the win. 7-1, the final. >> the giants. in the throwback. late 1970s. home standing race. turn back the clock. up 3-1 in the fifth. scary moments. just hit on the melon. bases-loaded. scored one. he is okay. same score, eighth inning. brandon crawford. a two outhit. buster posey ties the game. ninth inning. two on. and there goes that man. a three run bowl. he wishes he had that one back. the giants are red-hot. texas asphalt hot. seven straight wins.
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6-4, file. they leave the west leading seven games. on the salt -- was outside of pittsburgh. u.s. open third round. jason day -- that is how the third round began. four birdies. johnson -- a tough shot. it was not enough. as it rolled back. could not get it to buy. lee westwood. a little magic. and eagle. for the lead. crazy. andrew landry -- under pressure. that was worth it. and shane lowery is the leader. >> golfers still on the course. >> that is the update. >> that is the update for
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5:00. so much more at 6:00. i will put you on the spot for the next show. how about that. stick around. we will see you back here at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: wildfires rage in the west. we're on the ground, where a monster fire has forced hundreds from their homes. also tonight, nine victims of the orlando nightclub massacre are laid to rest. mourners faced off against protesters at one funeral. a dozen girls rescued from a house of horrors in pennsylvania. was one of the victims sent there to pay her family's debt? >> hey, everybody! >> ninan: and the first family celebrates america's national treasures. >> the beauty of the national park system is it belongs to everybody. >> this is the cbs weekend news. >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. this is our western edition.


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